Humans of Hiram — November 2018 Spotlight
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Michele Warholic '80

Hiram college Alumni Spotlight

Michele Warholic ’80 is one of the first Hiram alumni to graduate from the Weekend College. Known for her motto - “get ‘er done”, Michele is an enthusiastic and dedicated life-long learner. She enjoys coaching people with their careers and currently works remotely for a firm in Washington D.C. as an executive recruiting consultant at Vetter Solutions.

Before Hiram, Michele worked fulltime as a dispatcher and attended night school for her associate’s degree in business management at Lorain County Community College. When she was offered a position at General Motors, she accepted the offer under one condition – that GM would cover the cost of her tuition to attend Hiram College’s innovative new weekend college program. GM agreed and paid for Michele’s entire tuition to be a management major in the Weekend College’s first year.

In class, Michele was known for her front-row enthusiasm. Attending Weekend College was an opportunity she never dreamed of having and she was happy to just be a student for two days a week. Her favorite class was political science and economics with Professor Koritansky and Professor Moser. Both professors had the two very different personalities making it a rich learning experience about creative discourse and how economics can affect politics.

She also recalls that it was an interesting time for the Weekend College students because they were not always well-received by traditional students and faculty. Back then, it was a new, bold program with a diversified student body including adults who worked full time and had families, allowing them to have a balanced schedule. Overall, Michele says she will always treasure her Hiram experience and education.

The four years after Hiram were challenging for Michele as she returned to night classes at law school in the University of Akron to receive her Juris Doctorate in 1985. Michele had wanted to be a lawyer from a very young age but after 10 years of practice, she did not like the oversaturated profession. Bored, she decided to chase after jobs with a mission which allow her to fully utilize her skills and draw upon her experiences. She writes and thinks with a lawyer’s skill and is always open to change. “My entire career has always been open to new opportunities,” Michele says.

Michele worked in Washington D.C. for 11 years before she returned to Ohio. The workaholic culture expected 10-12 hour days and she was not able to enjoy the culture of D.C.  Then one day she woke up and said, “What am I doing? This is not worth it.” and she decided to work remotely and move back to Ohio.  

Michele follows a few key mantras in her career; including: Never look too far down the road because you may miss an unexpected opportunity, go where you can learn a new skill in the workplace, and always continue to improve yourself. She applies these to her consultant work which includes recruiting, writing resumes and cover letters, composing wills and more. 

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