Blog Post 12
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Danni Lynn McDonald '19

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Blog Post 12

Week number twelve.

I never thought I would write a blog for week number twelve.

Twelve weeks ago, the summer had just begun and so did this writing internship. I was set to work a few hours a week and to finish sometime in July. I was nervous to start but after my first little, three-hour day, I was unbelievably comfortable and ready for what was to come. Then time passed, my internship was extended through August and now it is the first day of the 2018 school year. My internship is complete and, I am still here, ready to write through the fall and spring semesters!

For my last week, I caught up on my articles and finished many of the profiles I had been working on. I remember the very first articles that I wrote back in May for the Alumni Awards at Alumni Weekend. Those took forever; I was so worried about not getting them right and how to actually write them. I felt okay with what I completed but, it is incredible to see the differences from back then to now. In a few short months, I have improved since those first pieces and interviews. That alone is an incredible takeaway, the skills I gained and the improvement alone.

To all the alumni I have talked to and met; to the many I have seen at our events on campus… Thank you for being so enthusiastic in sharing your memories with me. I do cherish them all and each story adds to the colorful history of our college, on top of my own experiences. I am lucky to look around and share a part in Hiram’s history as I see the stories you have told me play out on the campus in my imagination. Pictures of Old Main, school activities like Guy Fawkes Day, Leaf Day or anything, fill in the gaps as I imagine them all around. You have all greatly enrichened my experience at Hiram, thank you.

In the alumni office, I cannot express how excited I am to now continue here as a student worker. My summer internship came about so suddenly last May that it was an unexpected addition to my life. I am happy that my writing here will not stop anytime soon. Everyone on the staff has been so helpful in guiding me through my assignments and offering advice at every turn. Hiram’s tradition of feeling like a family continues here too and I am glad to be a part of it.  I look forward to my new projects and the stories to come. 


Danni Lynn McDonald 

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