Alumni Volunteer Day 2013 - Volunteer Site Location List


Hiram College Alumni Volunteer Day
Saturday - September 7, 2013


In the spirit of Campus Day, Hiram continues to help you "give back" to your community through Alumni Volunteer Day.  Alumni are hosting volunteer sites throughout the United States.   Most sites begin project work at 9:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted.  Please review each project for in depth details and any special requirements.

This event is not exclusive to Hiram alumni; we invite you to bring your friends and family. 

Online registration is closed; however,
you can still join others at the locations listed below. 

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Akron, Ohio at Haven of Rest Ministries
Coordinator: Barb (Boso) Bragiel '91
Details: The Haven of Rest is a faith-based rescue mission that serves as a light to the homeless community in and around the Akron area. We will be assisting with cleaning rooms and common areas or sorting and cleaning produce. Details won't be solidified until the week of service. Please bring a positive attitude and a caring spirit!  You must be 16 years of age to volunteer and it is important to note -- DO NOT WEAR SHORTS!  Details of project.

Akron (Peninsula), Ohio at Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Coordinator: Danae (Bussinger) Wolfe '09
Details: Established as a National Recreation Area in 1974 and a National Park in 2000, Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP) encompasses 33,000 acres along the Cuyahoga River between Cleveland and Akron, Ohio.  Volunteers will be using hand tools (loppers and hand saws) to remove invasive plants -- non-native plants that have become established in Ohio’s ecosystems, causing environmental and economic harm. Removing invasive plants is the first step towards ecosystem restoration. Participants must be at least 10 years old to participate.  Details of project.


Akron, Ohio at OPEN-M
Coordinator:  Dennis Getz '82
Details:  Opportunity for People Everywhere in Need Ministry is a comprehensive, faith-based ministry in the greater Akron area assisting with the spiritual and physical challenges of living with scarce resources.  They provide free medical, dental, and eye clinics in Summit county.  Projects will involve general clinic sanitizing (carpet, baseboards, walls, and exam room and chairs), dusting computers and electronic equipment, and organizing patient charts.  Details of project.


Atlanta (Douglasville), Georgia at The Pantry 
Coordinator:  Tracy (Strong) Berry '08
Details:  The Pantry has been serving hungry and hurting people since 2007 and we have served more than 31,358 families!  Hundreds of thousands of pounds of food are distributed each year and all with a very joyful spirit. We will be volunteering at the food pantry; kids over 6 years old are welcome to volunteer!  Details of project.


Baltimore, Maryland at Maryland Food Bank
  Katie (Igrec) Lima '00
Details: The food bank serves 600,000 Marylanders a week with volunteers moving thousands of pounds of donated food and products into the community.  Activities may include repacking food, packing assorted food kits, packing health and beauty kits, and checking expiration dates.  Volunteers must be 18 years of age.  We can only accommodate 15 volunteers, so sign up now to ensure your spot to volunteer with us!  Details of project.


Boston / Waltham, Massachusetts at Landry Park 
:  Barbara (Spielman) Passero '68
Details:  Landry Park is a property of the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation and is located along the Charles River in Waltham, Massachusetts.  The Charles River flows 80 miles from its source in Hopkinton, through 23 cities and towns until reaching the Atlantic Ocean at Boston Harbor.  We will help remove invasive plant species including Japanese knotweed, garlic mustard, and oriental bittersweet.  The site must be cleared regularly to keep them from displacing native species. We then invite you to join us for lunch!  Details of project.


Canton, Ohio at Stark County Day of Caring Marketplace
: Wendy (Fox) Lichtenwalter '72
Details: Day of Caring will be creating a country store atmosphere to provide everyone with a fun and respectful shopping experience. We want to bring hope back into the lives of people who are struggling and lost hope for a better life.  Our project will be straightening items on tables, helping people shop and helping them load their purchases into their cars. You will be talking to them and making it an enjoyable shopping experience. Details of project.


Chicago, Illinois at Feed My Starving Children
Mary Kay (Roediger) Prusnick '93
Details: A faith-based non profit organization, Feed My Starving Children provides nutritionally-complete meals for starving and malnourished children.  Activities for the day includes packing dried, fortified ingredients into packets that will be distributed to humanitarian organizations around the world to feed children in orphanages, schools, clinics, and refugee camps. Our project is suitable for adults and kids age 5 and older.  Details of project.


Cleveland, Ohio at Holden Arboretum (NEW/CHANGE IN SITE)
Mike Brickner '04
Details:  The Holden Arboretum is a living museum that promotes the beauty and importance of trees and other woody plants to create healthy and sustainable communities in the Great Lakes region and beyond.  Holden's 3,600 acres of cultivated gardens and natural areas are "new every day" and prove to be a unique place to come be inspired, to learn, and to discover the magic of nature.  Volunteers are invited to work alongside horticulture staff to help maintain Holden's gardens located at the Lantern Court estate.  Tasks may include mulching, weeding, pruning etc.  Details of project.


Cleveland, Ohio at Cleveland Pet Expo (Cleveland Convention Center - NEW LOCATION)
Coordinator: Susan Widmar '98
Details:  Geauga Humane Society's Rescue Village goes above and beyond for the animals and for the people of northeast Ohio.   We will be greeting visitors and promoting the Geauga Humane Society’s Rescue Village at their Outreach Program booth.  Details of project.


Cleveland, Ohio at Providence House
Coordinator:  Chris Schmitt '04
Details:  Providence House is one of the nation's oldest operating crisis nurseries among the 70+ operating in the U.S. and Canada offering emergency shelter and care to children who are actively at risk for abuse and neglect due to family crisis.  Our duties that day will be helping with inventory, sorting, some landscaping, and some other lighter duty tasks.   Details of project.


Columbus, Ohio at Nationwide Children's Hospital Book Warehouse  
Samantha Allen '05 & Maureen Malinowkski '05
Details:  Reach Out and Read® is a pediatric literacy program at Nationwide Children's Hospital dedicated to encouraging family literacy activities in the home prior to a child’s entrance into the school system.  Volunteers will sort through the gently used books that have been donated and inventory the donations to ensure they are providing only appropriate books to patients. Once sorted, the books are sent to the Primary Care Centers to be distributed to patients in the waiting areas and exam rooms to encourage reading.  Details of project.

Ft. Washington, Maryland Fort Foote National Park (Potomac River)
John Davis '66
Details: Supported by the National Capital Park Service (NCPS) and The Greater Fort Foote Area Recreational, Cultural, and Historical Council, Inc., Fort Foote was constructed in 1863 atop Rozier's Bluff to strengthen the ring of fortifications that encircled Washington, D.C. Two of the Guns that protected Washington are still there along with the remains of the fort's earthworks.  Collect, bag, and remove trash/debris from the bank of Potomac River bordering Fort Foote National Park.  Details of project.


Hiram, Ohio at James H. Barrow Field Station - Stavenger Farm
Coordinator:  Jim Metzinger '88, Matt Hils, Emliss Ricks, Jim Tolan '86
Details: The Barrow Field Station was established in 1967 to provide students with the opportunity to supplement classroom activities with hands-on learning experiences and has since developed into an active research and educational facility enhancing the science and environmental studies programs.  It also provides a means for the general public to increase their understanding and appreciation of Ohio natural history.  Volunteers will help remove invasive species plants from land that was recently acquired by Hiram as part of our Field Station.  Field Station Staff will lead volunteers into the property to remove the invasive plants (multi-floral rose).  At 11:00 a.m. we will tour Hiram’s Eagle Creek project to show the progress of a project there that is rerouting a stream to its natural flow.   Details of project.


Indianapolis (Noblesville), Indiana at Third Phase
Coordinator: Mike Myers '83
Details: Third Phase is a Christian Center that is a 33-room house on 10 acres of land for women.  We have space to think, work, study, and recover.  General indoor and outdoor activities will be available depending on the weather and your personal preference.  There is always a lot of things to do on any day including lawn work, moving furniture, sorting clothes, cleaning & stocking the food pantry, etc.  Details of project.


Indianapolis, Indiana at Gleaners Food Bank 
Coordinator:  Teresa Conroy-Roth '90
Details:  Gleaners is a not-for-profit that works toward securing, storing and redistributing donated food to 350 Hunger Relief Agencies.  These agencies are IRS-certified not-for-profits that feed people in need.  In the pantry, volunteers will help stock shelves, carry items for clients, greet and check clients in, and just assist in their "shopping."  This is where families are getting food for the week – a great interactive experience!  Details of project.


Mentor/Painesville, Ohio at Fairport Harbor Lighthouse & Marine Museum
Coordinator:  Dan Maxson '79
Details:  The Fairport Harbor Marine Museum is the first Great Lakes Lighthouse Marine Museum in the State of Ohio, as well as the United States. They need volunteers to stain the deck/ramp entering the lighthouse, cleaning and some painting inside the lighthouse, as well as some landscape work.  Details of project and museum brochure (page 1) (page 2).


Philadelphia (Ambler), PA at Ambler Environmental Advisory Counsel
Coordinator:  Kimberly (Rickard) Wilson '94
Details:  Rain Gardens are one of the best practices for storm water management. Rain Gardens both reduce flooding and pollution while adding an attractive feature to yards. It is a way for each homeowner to take responsibility for the storm water that falls on their property.  Activities may include shallow digging, moving dirt, shaping area, and/or planting native plants. Teens and school-age children are encouraged to attend if interested. Children under 14 must have a parent present. Details of project.


Pittsburgh (Sewickley), Pennsylvania at Audubon Greenway
Coordinator: Nicholas Michalenko '11
Details: The Allegheny Land Trust is a nonprofit organization incorporated to protect the natural wonders of land in and near Allegheny County.  Explore this beautiful conservation area and help remove invasive vines (Oriental Bittersweet) that threaten the peaceful living of trees and other plants. Join us for a relaxing, fun-filled afternoon where we can come together and make a difference to help preserve the natural beauty in the Pittsburgh area. Details of project.


Reno, Nevada at Mount Rose Trailhead
Coordinator:  Paul Ward '69
Details:  Central to the mission of the Tahoe Rim Trail Association is the maintenance/enhancement of the 165 mile trail.  Thousands of hours are volunteered to clear downed trees, repair of trail tread and signage, and building new trails with connections on the Tahoe Rim Trail.  Our activity will involve work at the Mt. Rose Summit parking to the Galena Waterfall which needs significant work as mentioned above.  Volunteers should be prepared to engage in physical work at 10,000 feet of elevation.  Details of project.

San Francisco, California at Marin Headlands Native Plant Nursery
Rose Roskilly '61
The Marin Headlands (Golden Gate National Park) is a beautiful coastal area with a beach and hiking trails just across the Golden Gate Bridge north of San Francisco. Once an important military installation with concrete bunkers, it now houses The Marine Mammal Center, the Native Plant Nursery, and other restoration projects.  Each year the nursery grows over 30,000 plants to restore natural habitats within the Marin Headlands.  Our service project will be gardening in the Native Plant Nursery. All tools, supplies, gloves and training will be provided.  Wear layers of comfortable work clothes, long pants, and sturdy shoes or boots (no shorts or sandals). Rain does not cancel. Bring a reusable water bottle, hat, and sunscreen. Details of project.

Syracuse (Baldwinsville), New York at Beaver Lake Nature Center 
Connie (Drabant) DeShaies '83
Details:  Must register before 9.4.13 in order to participate! Beaver Lake Nature Center is a local natural area with hiking trails.  Thousands of people come to Beaver Lake to celebrate the Golden Harvest Festival, which features horse drawn hayrides, artists and craftspeople, live musicians, magic shows, festive foods, crafts and games for children, and more. Over 300 volunteers are needed to ensure the success of one of the most creative family-oriented events in Central New York. Assignments include pancake flipping, used book sales, children’s arts and crafts,  games, and parking to name just a few. Details of project.


Toledo, Ohio at EnPuzzlement
Brenda (Simmers) Leady '89
Details:  EnPuzzlement is a resource warehouse that aids other non profit organizations with their missions.  They are a private organization run on a completely volunteer base of family and friends to provide a resource center loaded with canned goods, boxed items, hygiene supplies, pet supplies, cleaning products and always a few surprises - filled with corporate donations.  Our activities will include stocking, inventory, and labeling of donations ... and each volunteer with have the chance to participate in the EnPuzzlement program on a personal level and help others who may be struggling
Details of project.


Toledo, Ohio at Helping Hands of St. Louis
Coordinator: Colleen Kardasz Campbell '05
Details:  Helping Hands of St. Louis is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving hot, nutritious meals to all who come through their doors. They strive to acknowledge the dignity of each and every person by assisting with a smile, an embrace, or a material or a spiritual need.  They serve approximately 81,000 on-site meals on an annual basis.  Our project for the day will be working on the neighborhood clean-up of four streets that Helping Hands assists to clean up.  Details of project.


Twin Cities, Minnesota at Como Woodland Outdoor Classroom
Joel Ingersoll '96
Details: The Como Woodland Outdoor Classroom project site is a 17+ acre woodland located in the Southwest area of Como Regional Park. Restoration of the woodland site and the historic features found within its boundaries will allow the creation of the Como Woodland Outdoor Classroom (CWOC). This classroom will provide environmental education and historical interpretation for school children and adults, habitat for native wildlife, and an urban woodland oasis for the inner-city community where local place-based, hands-on environmental learning opportunities are rare. Our project has yet to be determined, but we will be outdoors.


Warren, Ohio at Trumbull Art Gallery 
Karen (Thompson) Scher '89
Details:  TAG is a non-profit corporation organized by a group of dedicated people interested in the promotion of visual arts and artists in local Northeast Ohio communities. Founded in 1957, they have worked for years to educate and share The Arts with the Mahoning Valley.  TAG is planning a move, so they need help with general cleaning, reorganizing supplies, and inventory preparation.  Details of project.


Warren, Ohio at Birds in Flight Sanctuary
: Karen (Thompson) Scher '89
Details: Birds in Flight was founded in 1992 to provide rescue, rehabilitation, and medical care for sick, injured, and orphaned birds of prey and waterfowl offering a second chance at flight.  Volunteers will be hanging new netting in the aviary barn, staining the barn, washing animal dishes, and extending ground aviary cages.  Details of project.


Washington, D.C.  at St. Martin de Porres Senior Center
:  Amber Kim Dewey '92
Details: St. Martin de Porres Senior Center helps seniors remain in their homes by providing hot meals, activities, and opportunities to socialize.  Volunteers will weed foundation plantings around the center and spread mulch.  We will also assist with their vegetable garden and compost bins.  We will also transplant perennials and prune shrubs.  The project is appropriate for all skill levels and families with supervised children.  Details of project.

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